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For the past three decades, Csaba has been a successful coach to world-class athletes and professional sports teams, Wall Street business leaders and Fortune 500 companies, severely injured individuals, and thousands of people aiming to better their lives. He is also a sought-after speaker on many subjects pertaining to the human condition.

Csaba actively pursues leading by example as a holistic practitioner, incorporating art, science, ancient traditions, and business into all of his endeavors, both personally and professionally.

He leads a very physical life, engaged in a wide variety of sporting activities, from Tai Chi and other gentle energy-building practices, to extreme barefoot marathon running and remote adventure leading. Csaba has competed in canoeing, discus throwing, shot put, track and field, BMX biking, dancing, airplane pulling, obstacle course racing, and ultra-distance running.

Besides Csaba’s education and diplomas in kinesthesiology, conditioning, massage therapy, psychological counseling, nutrition and many different fields regarding the human condition, his coaching process is rooted in a very diverse background.
His business advising process greatly benefited from the education he received parallel to his high school years from the University of Economics of Budapest (now named the Corvinus University of Budapest), and subsequently from the business marketing degrees he received from the Business Marketing and Economy School Of ESA in Vienna.

He has also led a successful artistic career in the world of storytelling: as a storyteller, he has lead performances in Hollywood feature films, off-Broadway productions, television, and advertising campaigns.

This experience, together with his decades of learned wisdom, created some of the most important layers in his coaching structure: continuously bringing creative angles to seemingly mundane tasks.

Mastering the Art of Living with Csaba