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The Author

Explore where science and traditions meet with Csaba’s personal experience in his book, “Barefoot Soul” – a guiding tool to help you achieve the next level of you.

The Speaker
Please join Csaba Lucas at the inaugural BeautyMatter Summit on September 15th in Los Angeles as he discusses “What is NEXT? Discover the Future of Self Care.” Csaba will deliver the keynote speech on The Origin Of Beauty Does Matter: The Future Of Self Care ……READ MORE

Request a free assessment to learn how Csaba and his team can help you or your organization achieve personal, professional and wellness success.

Csaba is a sought after speaker at conferences, seminars and retreats to convey ideas in the form of story telling, using tested guiding techniques that help people succeed in their chosen fields.

Csaba has supported projects that align with his vision for a better future. He has been involved with start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies as an advisor, and he brings his experience to every venture he supports.

Csaba’s Background

Csaba Lucas

Csaba Lucas

Over three decades, Csaba has been a world renowned coach, speaker, author & entrepreneur.

Wall Street business leaders, Fortune 500 company executives, world-class athletes, professional sports teams, severely injured individuals, and thousands of people have benefited from Csaba’s wisdom on all subjects connected to Mastering the Art of Living.

Csaba’s coaching process is rooted in a diverse background. He holds diplomas in kinesthesiology, psychological counseling, business, performing arts and many other fields. He spent extended periods of time in various cultures examining and experiencing the different modalities of ‘how to be a human’. He has a broad collaboration network ranging from celebrity doctors to traditional healers, cutting-edge scientists to hunter gatherers, from modern medicine innovators to shamans on 5 continents.

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Even for the runner who prefers shoes, Csaba’s book, the ‘Barefoot Soul’ reads like a memoir for the runner’s soul; provocative and informational no matter how you choose your footwear. This handbook was not written in a lab, nor is it based on “black and white” information. The ‘Barefoot Soul’ does however outline a system which doesn’t only start you on a primordial running regimen, or simply get you into better shape, but also provides the pillars to an approach that could help you stick with running for an entire lifetime.

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Barefoot Grows Your Brain

The soles of your feet are covered with a very special type of skin. This miraculous skin is highly pressure sensitive