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For the past 3 Decades I have been a successful coach to professional athletes, professional sports teams, Wall Street business leaders and Fortune 500 companies, severely injured people and many more aiming to better their lives.

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Csaba Lucas

Advising Coach

Csaba has owned and operated his successful Executive Coaching business, Modern Age Warriors Inc., for almost 3 decades.

As a coach, he designs approaches to address his clients’ physical, psychological, social and spiritual balancing.

His clients include world class athletes and sports teams, Fortune 500 Companies, Wall Street business leaders, and hundreds of people from every corner of the world and from all walks of life.

Now, he is expanding his coaching practice to make his transformational process available to as many people as possible.

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Whether you’re just beginning your transformative fitness journey, or are looking to break through to the next level in your life, we design personalized plans based on your movement patterns & lifestyle.

Our coaching is available remotely to anyone, anywhere on the planet, looking to develop holistic, comprehensive health and fitness in all aspects of their lives.

You’ll receive progressive, daily physical tasks tailored specifically for you, “campfire subjects” that invite deeper contemplation, and regular check-ins to support your transformation and help you stay on track.

You are a great teacher, advisor, and most importantly a great friend. You healed my soul and for that I am truly grateful.

J.J. Los Angeles, CA, USA

I had spent every single penny I had on your services and it was the best spent money in my life, because now I can actually enjoy life by being free of pain the first time in about 30 years.

S.L. Vancouver, BC, Canada

You are a Master Spiritual Warrior!

Paul Check, renowned wellness educator



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