Get Into the Habit of Being Motivated

Let me assume you have read my last blog articles and you already understand more about the value of being inspired. You have become inspired, you have scheduled some of your new desired activities, you’ve even attached them to an already existing ritual, and now you need to make a habit out of the motivation […]

Cycle of Motivation: How To Get Charged Up

There are some natural cycles predictably present in our lives, in the world, and even in the universe. There are common elements in the way we experience and perceive these cycles. Harmonizing the rhythm of your life with these natural cycles can help you to stay more vital and well throughout your life. Interestingly, I […]

Inspiration Scale as the First Stepping Block

As I promised in the October blog, let’s see how we can begin breaking away from the comparison competition and how we can start a new, refreshing way of looking at things! Even a few years ago, after nearly 30 years of coaching, I was against doing anything that involved the masses in terms of […]

Look at Yourself! In a Way that Will Benefit You.

As a coach I encourage everyone to take a good and deep look at themselves, as step one. Looking at ourselves is very human, but during this past hundred years or so the concept of looking at ourselves had changed, drastically. Looking at ourselves gradually became synonymous with looking at ourselves in a mirror, or […]

The Automatic Negative Thoughts First Step Towards Defusing Them

We have about 70,000 thoughts a day, and for most people, over 85% of them have a negative ‘tone’ to those thoughts. There are many types of negative thoughts. Some are easier to discharge than others, and others just seem to refuse to go away – not to mention the negative news that we combat […]

Barefoot Grows Your Brain

The soles of your feet are covered with a very special type of skin. This miraculous skin is highly pressure sensitive