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At my favorite coffee shop in Venice, CA, a handsome, tall, athletic guy was lining up for coffee. From his sun-bleached blonde hair, and tanned skin, I knew right away that he must be a true California surfer boy, just like the ones you see in magazines and lifestyle commercials. The only thing missing from him was a board tucked under his arm. I was making some phone calls to my Hungarian friends, when the “surfer guy” walked up to me and said, “Hi, I heard you speaking Hungarian. I’m Csaba. Csaba Lucas. ”

As I took all of him in, the title of the classic movie The Tall Blonde Man with One Black Shoe, popped into my mind immediately. However, Csaba wasn’t wearing only one shoe; he wasn’t wearing any shoes. “My feet don’t sense the proper stimuli if I wear shoes”, explained the former canoeist from the small Hungarian city of Győr, when he noticed that I was staring at his feet. “Shoes kill the sensory mechanism of the foot, so the feet and brain can’t communicate properly.”

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Storytelling is the way people have learned for centuries, or perhaps even as long as speech exists. From the age of 8 Csaba was fascinated with being part of modern and traditional forms of storytelling. He participated in and told stories together with shamans around a campfire in the deep Amazon jungle, in off-Broadway theater productions, on TV and on the silver screen. “One of the gifts of coaching is that I have the chance to tell stories about thousands of subjects every month”. Stories can motivate us to act and look at life differently.
Even for the runner who prefers shoes, Csaba’s book, the ‘Barefoot Soul’ reads like a memoir for the runner’s soul; provocative and informational no matter how you choose your footwear. This handbook was not written in a lab, nor is it based on “black and white” information. The ‘Barefoot Soul’ does however outline a system which doesn’t only start you on a primordial running regiment, or simply get you into better shape, but also provides the pillars to an approach that could help you stick with running for an entire lifetime.


Barefoot Grows Your Brain

The soles of your feet are covered with a very special type of skin. This miraculous skin is highly pressure sensitive